Chaplain Jose Valenzuela

Chaplain Jose was founded by the Rev. Jose Valenzuela in 2020. He brings 25 years of wide ranging experience in spiritual counseling.

His holistic approach to spiritual care springs from working as a youth pastor in Brooklyn during and after the 9/11 attacks, as a family pastor in Phoenix through the housing crisis and Great Recession, and as a frontline pastor though the COVID-19 pandemic.

When you work with Chaplain Jose, you can be assured that your personal spiritual well being and spiritual journey will be the primary focus. With a solid theological background enhanced by his studies of spirituality and religion across the globe, Chaplain Jose is able to connect with people and bring about calm in times of crisis.

He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at El Paso and continued his theological studies at the Lutheran Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, and his clinical pastoral education at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix.

Though trained as a Lutheran cleric, Chaplain Jose has studied the many traditions and spiritual practices around the world. He has traveled to India multiple times on personal spiritual pilgrimages, studies under a guru in Varanasi, India, and leads healing retreats to India.

Chaplain Jose Valenzuela

My Mission

I am Chaplain Jose, an ordained minister who:

  • Celebrates rites and rituals such as weddings, baptisms and communion.
  • Provides inspiration and hope to people dealing with addiction, grief, PTSD, illness, or their final days.
  • Gives fellow pastors a safe, objective, supporting confidant with whom to discuss their challenges.
  • Debriefs and defuses first responders after shootings and other emergency situations.

As an active listener creating a non-judgmental and supportive space, I help YOU create a spiritual pathway that works for YOU at this point in YOUR life.

- Chaplain Jose Valenzuela

My Services

Telehealth Services

Pastoral Services

Spiritual Direction & Coaching

Family Care

Rites & Rituals

Government Agencies

My Team

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lisa pennock
lisa pennock
03:16 14 Feb 21
I have known Pastor Jose for 18 months, but during this short time he has led myself and our congregation through... several difficult situations. He was able to make sure we all felt safe and not judged along with giving us the support needed to walk us through the uncertainty. Pastor Jose has everything it takes to spiritually guide anyone through difficult times for whatever life can give to more
Kristen Pumo
Kristen Pumo
13:45 11 Feb 21
Chaplain Jose led our congregation through several difficult and challenging situations in his role as interim pastor.... He created a spiritual space of safety and non-judgement, which allowed me and others to process these situations in a healthy and positive way. He also provided the guidance & support to work through the introspective questions that he posed. Spiritual guidance is more important than ever during the chaotic and stressful times that we’re living in, and from my personal experience, I highly recommend Chaplain Jose as a spiritual guide!read more
Pritesh Patel
Pritesh Patel
02:59 15 Jan 21
I have known Pastor Jose for over 5 years now. He brings to the table various different dimensions to help each person... to be their very best. He listens and provides the necessary help you need to get clarity to issues at hand. I have run marathons and have used him to help me get through this events from a sports psychology standpoint. He has become family to myself, my wife and my children. If you need someone who will listen or someone who can give you theological guidance or someone who will motivate you Pastor Jose is for you. I highly recommend his more
Reuben Garcia
Reuben Garcia
21:23 14 Jan 21
Pastor Jose has been in our lives for over 10 years now. He has always been amazing for our family! We are military and... get stationed everywhere, but no matter our location he has always made himself available to us and our family! He always listens with an open heart and has a way of keeping us calm. He is wonderful with our children! We have three boys who are super comfortable talking to Pastor Jose about anything when they get anxious about any situation that comes up in their lives! I would recommend Pastor Jose to anyone for any reason needed! He has baptized our three sons and our three Goddaughters and he speaks beautifully about any event speaks more
Tim Wright
Tim Wright
20:42 14 Jan 21
Jose's combination of integrity, sound theology, life experience, an inquisitive mind and a heart bent toward... supporting and encouraging others makes him a unique resource for those looking for someone to help them see their own lives more clearly. I highly recommend him. Tim Wright, Pastor, Community of Grace Lutheran Church, Peoria, AZread more
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